A downloadable game for Windows

Gameplay on a very early version. Project have only few month !

Tower Defense focusing on managing a colony , ore extracting and combat turrets micro management.

  • Building a colony (housings, ammunition manufacturing, lab research, energy…). …)
  • Management of this colony (Settlers’ demography, fame level management,  assigning workers to factories…)
  • Ore mining (management of the monorail transport system, selling to parent company headquarters, ore refining) …)
  • Defending your colony (Turrets placement, skill points attribution, buying upgrade modules, resupplies…)

August 24th, 2016. Proxima Centaury B, the closest exoplanet to Earth is discovered.
A few decades and a lot of technological advancements later, the first settlers arrive and establish their first colony. Soon these pioneers will discover a new kind of ore. International oil companies from all countries unite into a massive joined venture to kick start a wide scale extracting program: E.S.E. (Explore, Secure, Extract). You are the C.E.O. of several E.S.E. franchised extraction sites. Your mandate gives you extraction rights and financial retribution depending on your productivity. Orbiting around the planet, a company mothership provides gear, turret and ammunition and collects the ore you have extracted with a tractor beam. 

It is up to you to manage your colony for the best and achieve top productivity.

Yet another Tower Defense game I hear you ask? Yes, but nay! Our project is born from a true love for a genre that is alas too often very poorly represented, picked by unscrupulous developers for its relative ease to make and top profitability (yes smartphone games we’re looking at you!).

We love Tower Defense and can only regret that most of these games are very lacking in content and gameplay possibilities. In the end they all end up being played the same way: try to figure out what the level designer intended the player to do and find the winning combination with the few options at your disposal, place a few turrets where the designer expected you would and that’s it.

Our project aims at something different, the idea being to combine elements from tower defense games and management games. We want to give players more freedom and more customization options! We want them to enjoy long games managing and optimizing their colony!  We are influenced by games like World Creeper 3, Factorio, and -up to a certain point – Supreme Commander.

6 Buildings (HQ, housing, depot, ammunitions factory, laboratory, power station)
10 types of turrets (machine gun, tesla, sniper, flamethrower, laser ...)
8 kinds of parasites to fight and as many bosses (Queen mother of each species)
8 modules for turret improvements.
■ Many levels in 3 different environments (temperate, desert and snowy)


ESE Proxima - Canceled Prototype

Install instructions

This is an early propotype of a cancelled game we worked on.

We hope you will enjoy it and see the potential we saw in it.


  • Lemmy1916 (Project initiator, Game design)
  • Mush (C++/Blueprint programming, Website)
  • Metal (3d artist)
  • Vincent (Story and background)
  • Ganaé (Music)

    Installation instructions:

    1. Extract the compressed file
    2. Execute ESE_PROXIMA_PROJECT.exe


    • Left click: Select
    • Right click: Cancel, Rotate camera
    • Mouse wheel down: Zoom+
    • Mouse wheel up: Zoom-
    • Arrows / Z,Q,S,D: Move camera
    • A,E: Rotate building/turret construction


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